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‘’Say goodbye to scooping for good’’ with a self-cleaning litter box, free cat parents' hands and keep your home fresh. We Designed to neutralize litter box odors and give kitty a clean bed of litter every time with Els Pet. 


 Els Pet exists and it’s here to make your life easier

Low power usage and easy install. The led light are a cool feature pretty simple and unique my cat is actually drinking from it.


Very happy that I no longer have to scoop the litter once a day after working a 12 hour shift. My kittens love it and took to the litter box very quickly.


I have saved a TON of money on litter because it uses it very efficiently. In fact, this litter box will pay for itself within a year on litter savings alone.


We've always brushed and the horrible thing is that fur flies EVERYWHERE. With this, it minimizes the amount of loose fur flying around.