ELS PET Mixed Cat Litter

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Bundle: 2 Bags
The best cat litter for ELS PET litter box is made with natural ingredients that quickly form tight clumps while locking in odors. Say goodbye to sticky bottom with ELS PET mixed cat litter.

Scientific ingredient ratio: 5% deodorizing particles, 35% bentonite, 60% tofu cat litter. Ideal diameter of 1.5MM: Comfortable feet, cats like it more.
Deodorizing factor: Say goodbye to the stink.
Solidarity: Firm and not easy to disperse, more fun to shovel litter.
Easy to dissolve: ELS PET mixed cat litter dissolves in seconds when it meets water and can be flushed directly into the toilet.
Low dust and Low tracking: Our low-dust clumping kitty litter ensures that your litter box won’t be covered in residue and neither will your house. High hardness and non-fragility cat litter decreases dust in the air to maintain a clean air environment.
Odor Control: Activated carbon and deodorant particles prevent unpleasant smells.
Bundle: 2 Bags