Els Pet Spaceship Self Cleaning Litter Box



Anti-pinch technology

Suitable for multiple cats

Pet monitoring


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Color: White With Wifi
Warranty Protection: 1 Year Included

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‘’Say goodbye to scooping for good’’ with a self-cleaning litter box, free cat parents' hands and keep your home fresh. We designed this litter box to neutralize litter box odors and give kitty a clean bed of litter every time with Els Pet. The litter box looks like a spaceship and has a safety door that automatically stops cleaning when the cat pushes the door. Also, the self-cleaning litter box not only provides maximum comfort for cats of all sizes, but also features quadruple safety protections - infrared sensor, robotic arm sensor, safety warning, and automatic detection. You can use the remote control and cleaning system in the "elspet" app - learn about your cat's bathroom habits and track your cat's health issues. Join 300,000 pet parents who've upgraded to a smarter litter box.

Els Pet exists and it’s here to make your life easier

 No More Scooping™

 Anti-pinch technology

 Suit up to 5 cats

 Monitor the litter levels, times of use


 Work quietly

 Save time and money

  LED safe alerts

Color: White With Wifi
Warranty Protection: 1 Year Included


No more scooping

Litter-Box self-cleans so you no longer have to touch the scoop again.


No more odors thanks to OdorGuard


Els Pet app

Get real-time pet data at your fingertips.




No more scooping

Litter-Box self-cleansso you no longer haveto touch the scoop again.


Els Pet app

Get real-time pet data at your


No more odors thanks to Odorguard




Say goodbye
to scooping

Scooping is a chore. So we did away with it. The Elspet Litter-Box auto-cleans, separating cat waste from clean litter, giving a fresh bed of litter every time.


So fresh and so clean

Our OdorGuard technology combines UV light with a fully-enclosed waste storage design, reducing odors and preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses.


No unwanted

Unlike other self-cleaning litter boxes, the Elspet Litter-Box features smart safety sensors. The self-cleaning process only activates when your cat has left the litter box. For total peace of mind.


Pet care at
your fingertips

The Elspet app completely changes the game.It provides real-time data about your pet's toilet routines, allowing you to quickly spot any irregularities.And for extra convenience, you can customize the auto-clean time straight from your phone.


One litter box
to rule them all

Got a large cat family? No problem! One Litter-Box is all you need for up to 5 cats of any size or breed. Each cat will have a clean space to do its business and you won't need to scoop out litter from multiple boxes ever again.Purr-fect!


No more mess

The Litter-Box has been designed with a small step that significantly reduces litter tracking. So whether it's job number 1 or 2, Litter-Box gets the job done, without any mess.

The perfect addition
to your home


Quiet cleaning

Fitted with a nifty sleep mode that operates at just 8Db. Quieter than someone breathing.


Easy like Sunday morning

Four physical buttons and an LED display.


Saves you time and money

No need for multiple litter boxes or overly-expensive competitor products.

No Scooping,
More Savings.

Save money on litter with automatic litter box.

ElsPet just $359.99

one-time purchase.


Cat litter box >$800


*Cost evaluated over 4 years

**Cost of litter usage

No Scooping,
More Savings.

Save money on litter with automatic litter box.

Get the inside scoop. Reviews from real customers.


Super easy to set up! My cat got used to it after a day or two.

How it works

After using it, I can't go back to the days of scooping ever again!

Daily use

My six-year-old British Shorthair loves it. Maybe a bit too much ha.

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“With the Els Pet self cleaning litter box automatic cleaning function you can easily prevent elimination problems that stem from unpleasant odors and privacy conflicts. Even in multicat households, the litter is always fresh and ready to use.”

--Dr. ReaDoctorate of Veterinary Medicine

ElsPet Endorsed by Veterinarians for Your Cat’s Health and Happiness

"the ELS Pet Litter Box seems to be a highly functional and convenient solution for cat owners, addressing common litter box issues and providing valuable health-tracking features."

--Dr. Trusten MooreDoctorate of Veterinary Medicine

Beyond his professional commitments, Dr. Moore has become a well-known media personality within the veterinary community

The Spaceship is perhaps the most advanced box when it comes to safety and sanitation; there's an infrared sensor to detect movement, a robotic arm to sense any physical presence, and a UV light meant to kill lingering germs.

A standout feature of the Els Pet litter box is its advanced anti-pinch technology. With its revolutionary anti-pinch technology, the safety door ensures your cat's security. As soon as your pet touches the door, it will immediately stop working. No more worrying about tiny paws getting caught!

Keeping pace with the demands of modern life, the Els Pet Self-Cleaning Litter Box comes equipped with a user-friendly smartphone app, allowing pet owners to stay connected with their furry friends even while they're away.

With its self-cleaning mechanism and litter leakage pedal, the Els Pet litter box promises cleaner paws and a tidier home, saving owners from the annoyance of scattered litter throughout their living spaces.

Designed with multi-cat households in mind, the Els Pet litter box effortlessly caters to the needs of multiple feline companions.

Our generous 60-liter capacity provides ample space for even the largest of cats to comfortably tend to their business.

With the added convenience of tracking litter usage, you'll always know when it's time for a refill.

No more scooping by hand - it does the dirty work for you!

Product specs

Power: 9.6W

Entryway: 10.7’’ x 10.7”

Inner Space: 60L

Footprint: 23.62’’ x 29’’