2✖ Els Pet Spaceship Self Cleaning Litter Box

$1,139.98 $659.98 Spare $480.00
Color: White With Wifi 2 Pcs

‘’Say goodbye to scooping for good’’ with a self-cleaning litter box, free cat parents' hands and keep your home fresh. We Designed to neutralize litter box odors and give kitty a clean bed of litter every time with Els Pet. The litter box looks like a spaceship and has a safety door that automatically stops cleaning when the cat pushes the door. Also, the self-cleaning litter box not only provides maximum comfort for cats of all sizes, but also features quadruple safety protection - infrared sensor, robotic arm sensor, safety warning, and automatic detection. You can use the remote control and cleaning system in the "elspet" app - learn about your cat's bathroom habits and track your cat's health issues. Join 200,000 pet parents who've upgraded to a smarter litter box.

Els Pet exists and it’s here to make your life easier

No More Scooping™

✅Significantly reduce litter box odors

✅Monitor litter box usage, usage time, and cat litter usage

✅Work quietly

✅Suits up to 5 cats

✅Save time and money

✅ Safety door

✅ LED safe alerts

✅Cleaner paws, tidier home

Color: White With Wifi 2 Pcs